Zhongding won Beijing's Benz “Leading Quality”

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        On July 27, the Beijing Benz (referred to as "BBAC") supplier conference, with the theme of “Leading”, was held in Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 500 suppliers around the world attended this anticipated event. As a supplier for Beijing Benz, Zhongding NVH Co. Ltd was invited, with general manager Xia Yingsong attending the conference as a representative. Zhongding NVH Co. Ltd was the only company honored with the Leading Quality award by Beijing Benz.
    Previously, on June 27, Xia Yingsong was interviewed by BBAC. In the interview, he briefly introduced the history, culture, strategic initiatives, and development visions of Zhongding. He emphasized that Zhongding has been focusing on non-tire rubber products for 37 years, and will continue striving for professionalism and excellence. Zhongding will utilize their skills to expand the field of high-end products, and display their accomplishments to the full tune of “Intelligently Made by Zhongding".

        In the future, Zhongding hopes to strengthen our relationship with BBAC. Xia Yingsong is confident Zhongding can maintain the trust of BBAC continuously through our dedication to high-quality products. BBAC, which was established on August 8, 2005, is a joint venture between Beijing Automotive Co., Ltd., Daimler AG and Daimler Greater China Investment Co., Ltd. Beijing Benz is currently China's largest high-end car manufacturer. In 2016 they sold 300,000 vehicles, and just in the first half of 2017 they have already produced and sold 200,000 vehicles with major growth potential. The Leading Quality award demonstrates our products have been recognized by Beijing Benz, strengthening our position as an industry leader and partner of Beijing Benz.


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